Change Is Coming

It should come as no surprise to those who know me best, my proclivities in domain names, though in fairness I have managed to ditch the habit of purchasing domain names I do not intend to use. Well, more like, I did intend on using them but never did.

Anyway, I bet you’re all wondering what the point of all this is. And if you’re not, you must be a member of Afterlife. Regardless, I wanted to make sure whatever little readers I have are informed of the following:

This domain is set to expire in 30 days. While “A Life in Transition” suited me at one point, I just can’t say it does now. So come renewal time, I will instead be purchasing

All of the content on this blog will be accessible at my new home. The archives will remain intact in case you wanted to browse past entries. In addition I plan on keeping the theme I currently have so readers only have to update their URLs.

I am hoping the change in name will give me that connection which allows me to write and not second guess myself over and over.

Time will … Read More