Reclaiming Me

The other day I was reminded by a memory on Timehop how much I’ve allowed my identity to be stripped away by the title, “Mom.” As a result, I ended up having a major depressive episode toward the end of 2018, where I ultimately left my job.

It is so easy to let things slip away when you’re adjusting to a new title. Many of the things I used to enjoy doing I stopped because I was too busy being a mom. In hindsight, that was a terrible decision and one I do not intend on repeating.

That’s not to say I plan on neglecting my children; far from, I just have to figure out how to balance being a mom and reclaiming the pieces of myself that I let slip. The journey has not been easy but considering where I was in 2018 and where I am now, progress has certainly been made.

One of the things I’d like to accomplish this year is to actually start streaming consistently. I have put it off for YEARS, unable to commit for a slue of different reasons, the biggest being learning to narrate what I am doing, so if I am … Read More