Something’s Got To Give

Once again, I am doing poorly at ensuring that I am doing things that I enjoy. Work has become a constant and sucked me into its vapid waters with little chance of me making it to the top to breathe.

A large part of this is due to the current state of my office. It’s like a bomb went off, okay, not really, but to my Type A personality, it might as well have.

I keep telling myself I will get to it later, but inevitable, something more important comes up, so I end up placing it at the bottom of my to-do list.

I hope that since Kim has the kids this weekend, I’ll actually be able to get my office sorted, as it seems I’m able to do the rest of the house, and it’s the one place that’s mine that often gets neglected. Once again, I am pouring from an empty cup, and boy does it show.

I could happily pass out right now, which given my insomnia, is quite rare, but instead, I will be working on completing some of the work items I wasn’t able to tackle today because I am limited to working only … Read More