Look I Blogged– and Probably Fell Asleep

This month’s theme and really my story for the next 19 days is work. We are swamped due to the time of year, and it’s a miracle that I manage to get my head up for even just a few seconds.

Since I was out on Monday, I worked 4 hours last night to make up for it, and I will be working additional hours tonight to account for the shortage as well. I requested Friday off and had originally planned on making up those hours as the week went on, but I don’t know if that’s even possible now. 🤷🏾‍♀️

All I know is that I am drained right now; that’s been the theme all day– as in falling asleep as I’m trying to create the daily report that goes out every morning, so I am not sure I will be hopping back on tonight. Sleep sounds like a better alternative, but we will have to see.

As of now, I don’t have much left to give, so I think I will skip jumping back on tonight and try to catch some z’s… assuming my body allows me.

Wish me luck?

Life Happens

As seems to be the case in almost all my endeavors, my plans for yesterday were ruined by this thing called life. I ended up not feeling well and much of yesterday was spent with me in bed. I also ended up calling out of work today and doing much of the same.

I hope tomorrow I am feeling better because this is probably the worse month for me to call out. We are extremely busy and cannot really afford for anyone to be off work. That said, I am going to try and rest and hopefully tomorrow I am feeling much better. I almost didn’t blog today but pushed myself to do so.

Comment Rotations: A Thing of the Past?

Long ago, in a web presence far, far away, comment rotations existed; you know, before everyone and their mama decided they were all web/graphic designers when they’d never even touched a single line of code. I’m getting ahead of myself, though, so let’s take a step back.

Comment rotations existed, which allowed those who signed up the opportunity to connect with bloggers who blogged about similar things. You would sign up, fill out your blog details, including what category your blog best fit under,r and then every Sunday or Monday, you would get an email with a list of 3 blogs that you were expected to comment on that week. It was a great way to discover new blogs and expand your network.

Sadly, as with most things they came to an end.

Until now.

That’s right; your girl has decided to open up a comment rotation website! The script has been completed, and I just need to find some time to figure out what the fuck I am going to name the rotation and design or pay someone to design a theme for it. Ideally, I’d like to launch on the 1st of February,f but I may have to push it to March, depending on time constraints.

I am so excited to bring this back to life, as I’ve always wanted to run a comment rotation website but at the time lacked the funds to hire someone to create the script for me.

Have you ever participated in a comment rotation? What was your experience like? Is it something you would participate in again? If you have never participated in one, would you consider doing it now?

Is Cleanliness 1 of the 7 Virtues? It Should Be.

Image of Dirty Office

I spent the majority of the day in bed because I did not feel well. As a result, I plan on pulling an all-nighter to reset my schedule because I completely fucked it by staying up until 2:00 AM the night prior. I managed to wake up around 9:00 AM but ultimately fell back asleep until about 3:00 PM, and so here we are now.

I am tired but recognize that I’ll likely only sleep a couple of hours before waking up, which would only end up compounding my already fucked up sleep schedule.

Tonight, I will try to focus on cleaning up my office so I can finally use the VR Headset that Robby got me for Solistice. It’s been sitting on my desk, staring at me, silently mocking me because my office has been in a state of disarray for far too long.

There’s actually quite a bit on my to-do list that has also been sitting there, uncrossed, for far too long, and while a large part of that has to do with work and the amount of time it consumes, I’d be remiss if I did not take on some of the responsibility as well.

I think I will try to get at least one item marked off my to-do list each day and see how much progress I end up making. I plan on categorizing the things I need to do first by location and then by priority. Hopefully, it will ensure that as I complete items, they will be checked off by room, presuming there is nothing further I need to do in that specific location.

I also intend on eliciting the help of the kids, depending on what location I am currently organizing in, so they can learn the importance of cleanliness AND organization. It is definitely one of the things I appreciated learning from my parents, even if I despised it as a child.

Now that I have managed to talk up how much I enjoy organizing1I actually really do!, I’m off first to finish my meal and then start on cleaning. Hopefully, when all is said and done tonight, I’ll have a clean office AND a VR Headset that is finally set up.

Wish me luck!

Friday Nights: I Know How to Party… ish

Well, I’d like to think I know how to party, but the truth is I’m old and my Friday night consisted of deep cleaning our fridge. It was definitely unexpected but as we cleared out and organized the fridge, we realized that it didn’t make sense to stop there, so we continued on..

This consisted of Robby completely deconstructing the insides of not only the fridge but also the freezer. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel accomplished, especially because it was completely impromptu but it was definitely needed.

I still have to clean the side doors but overall I am happy with the result. It will at the least continue to remain clean until we’ve run out of the meals we had delivered from Tovala and Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon.

Typically, I try my hardest to only use one meal delivery service for the month but somehow these managed to slip by me. Though to be honest, I don’t mind. It means we don’t have to come up with a meal plan for sometime and also means I can avoid the question I get each night from Robby, “What do you want to have for dinner?” I despise that question because as a SAHD, it’s his responsibility to figure it out. At the end of a work day, I do not have the energy nor the brain power to come up with something that the kids will eat and I will eat1We’re the pickiest eaters.

In the end, the additional meals provides Robby2Let’s be honest, me. with a bit of a grace period before he has to start meal planning. It’s nice not to have to stress about getting a plan ready before the start of a new week, especially because my ultimate goal is to have a monthly meal plan. I’m not sure how realistic that will be but I am willing to give it a shot.

Do you meal plan? How many days, weeks, or months do you typically plan for? What have you find to be the biggest challenge?

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